Making Room for More

Our heart as a church is to share the Gospel message and grow believers. We urge you to invite your friends, but it already feels full.  You’ve probably felt it yourself in the bustling foyer between services, or when we’ve asked you to slide in or help us identify open seats in services.  You’ve experienced it when you were ushered to a far-away parking spot.

That’s the tension we feel right now. We’re running out of room. Our children’s spaces are nearing capacity on Sunday mornings. Our students have outgrown their spaces and meet throughout the halls, even in offices, and it’s becoming harder for our next generation ministries to be effective with discipleship in tight spaces.

Because of these challenges, we’re facing obstacles to connection at LifePark. For families coming for the first time, it looks like we’re full. Our growth and limited space is a barrier for newcomers.

Our packed parking lot and full services might be sending a message to first-time visitors that there’s no room for anyone else, and plugging in will be tough amongst our big, well-established crowds. Instead, we long to contend for their hearts, and remove any obstacles to the gospel.

You know what it feels like to find a fit at LifePark. You know what it looks like to have a place on Sunday morning—a family and welcoming environment ready to receive you. A place to serve and an experience on which you can depend.

You already have your seat at the table and now others want to squeeze in. Will you help us make room for more?

We always want to be making room for more.

  • More places for connecting
  • More room for our kids to come and hear the gospel
  • More room for our students to make meaningful connections with caring adults
  • More capacity for truth telling
  • More life-changing relationships
  • More baptism celebrations
  • More hope and healing
  • More lives transformed for eternity

New Places for Life Transformation

We can see God’s hand at work in our midst. We are reaping the harvest of the faithful who went before us, and now it’s our turn to prepare a place for even more.

Because God has made us disciples who make disciples, the best way we can fulfill His vision for a transformed community is to grow the LifePark family. We recognize that to grow—and help our neighbors know there is room for them here—we need more space. We need you to help us set a bigger table.

With your prayerful participation, we will create much-needed additional worship and youth spaces where we can share the life-changing message of Jesus.

While we envision creating engaging spaces that will make it easier for you to invite others to Lifepark, it’s not about the spaces themselves—it’s what happens in them that matters.  A place where hearts can be healed, marriages reconciled, and families brought together in the love of Jesus. We are purposing to create spaces that will foster relationships and cultivate growth, peace, and healing for our family and neighbors to come.

Here’s our plan to transform Mount Pleasant and beyond for God, from right here as we make room for more:

Space for More People to Meet God: Additional Worship Venue

Making Room for More will increase the number of adults who can worship on Sunday from approximately 1,500 to 2,400.  The new worship venue will offer additional space for our LifePark family to participate in streamlined worship services across our campus on Sunday mornings.

The new space will anchor a beautiful new building facing the park. Inside, it will be outfitted with the latest technology. The space will be designed to flex for multi-use purposes, just like our current worship center.

Expanded Next Generation Spaces

Most people make a faith decision before they turn 18. It is so critical for us to provide spaces that welcome children and youth, foster their growth, cultivate relationships, and help them live out their faith daily.

Additionally, we know that a vibrant children’s program is one of the main factors by which parents base their church decision. Today, our elementary and pre-school children’s programs are outstanding, though constrained by space.

Enhanced Noah’s Park: Nurturing Our Tomorrow

A new Noah’s Park will offer more places for the littlest among us to play, learn, and grow safely. With anticipated program modifications, capacity will double. Each age group will have two classrooms where they can learn the Gospel’s good news and worship together in smaller groups. We’ll have plenty of room to plant seeds of faith in our littlest LifeParker — laying a firm foundation for the future growth of our church.

Expanded KidsPark: Planting More Seeds

Making Room for More will renovate the existing FirstWave space upstairs into the new KidsPark extension and enlarge our capacity for elementary-aged children. In a larger space, even more children will come to know the three basic truths: make wise choices, trust God no matter what, and treat others the way they want to be treated. Our talented volunteers can do an even better job engaging children with the stories of the Bible and building relationships in adequate space for small groups. The children will benefit from more personalized attention and the expansion will allow plenty of room for awesome music, fun skits, laughter and life lessons.

New FirstWave: Strengthening the Foundation of Faith

Making Room for More will grow the size of FirstWave, making room for more programming and more students. FirstWave will be in the new building.  Our youth will have ample spaces for communal gatherings and dedicated spaces to break into small groups to gather, learn, grow, and connect.

Answering the Call

Consider what LifePark has meant in your life, and in your family’s walk with God.  Making Room for More is your opportunity to share God’s love by making room for others to experience the same community and growth you’ve enjoyed here at LifePark through the gospel’s life-changing message.  We are asking the entire LifePark family to prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift to the Making Room for More Campaign above and beyond their regular offering.

Your financial support over the next three years will extend God’s love and healing grace to those who aren’t here yet, but are coming. Expanding our facilities will enable us to reach more people with the Gospel. Giving generously gives us the opportunity to experience the joy of giving we were designed to know. This is an opportunity to step up and join God in his redemptive pursuit of our neighbors and community. We will see Him do incredible things beyond what we can ask or imagine.

We invite you to pray for guidance, talk with your family, and make a commitment to Making Room For More by April 25.  Together we can help our friends, neighbors, and community find hope, freedom, and healing in God’s love.